Brand Identity

Your brand deserves an exceptional identity. It needs to make a strong impact in the marketplace and it needs to match perfectly. Developing your brand by designing a matching identity ensures your business will stand up and stand out from the competition. It starts with your story and mission to establish your brand’s personality. This often reveals a palette of colours to work with that really fit. We then move onto the logo, then the supporting materials to go along with it. We can even help with the business naming process! Let’s start the conversation and we can lay down a brand identity roadmap.

Supporting Materials

As an integral part to your brand identity, every single piece of collateral you send out into the world must reflect the same values as your brand. We have those bases covered with print and digital advertisements, product packaging, print collateral, signage, tradeshow materials, posters, vehicle wrap designs etc.

Bevels & Curves

Printed Materials

Bringing your brand to life in print simply cannot be compared. It becomes something you can touch, see and feel. Wow your customers with beautiful product packaging they won’t want to throw away, or create something you can wear like a t-shirt! When it comes to print, the sky’s the limit on what you can create - and we’re here to help you get there.

Logo Design

Think of it like a tattoo on your forehead. It’s not something you want to rush, nor is it something you want to cheap out on. You want it to reflect you, your story, your company, what you do and what it all stands for. You also want it to stand the test of time. We start the logo process by discovering who you are, what you do and dig up all the elements we can to explore in the concept creation process.


Digital Materials

In the world we now live in, everything is digital. Connect with us if you require a digital publication, guide, brochure or anything else that would normally have been printed but that you now require in a digital format. We will create beautiful and clean PDFs, high resolution files and graphical pieces to cover your needs.

Photo Manipulation

Sometimes, you have that PERFECT photo, except it has one tiny flaw (or maybe a few) that you wish could be taken out. Or, perhaps the colour is off and you'd like it more vibrant? Converted to black and white perhaps? We can work our magic on your images to help make them flawless, especially if it's to be used on a piece we create for you like a print advertisement piece.