Woodcrest Guitar Co. (Logo)

Woodcrest Guitar Co. is a setup and repair shop for guitars with a focus on electric guitars of all makes and models. In the past, the shop operated on a word-of-mouth basis without any branding, web presence or any graphical representation whatsoever…


So we got the ball rolling with Woodcrest Guitar Co. and created a logo. Woodcrest Guitar Co. offered services executed on a foundation of values that set it apart from the competition and really began to pick up steam. This was followed up by launching a line of handwound guitar pickups (which soon after broke off into its own brand). We felt the brand had outgrown its current logo so we rebuilt the branding from the ground up to better align the business with its future, to better complement the core values of the business and the honesty behind every points of contact with customers.

  • Client: Woodcrest Guitar Co.

  • Date: 16.10.2014

  • Website: woodcrestguitars.com

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