We help build brands, we turn it up to eleven. We are Amplified.

Things we love

Listening to great music on vinyl, vintage guitars and amps, old pickup trucks in Seafoam Green, the Canadian outdoors, clean lines, bold yet minimalist visuals, old movie posters, album cover art (especially on record sleeves), old bikes, loud motorcycles, sandy beaches and of course - well crafted logos.

Things we don't love

Bad fonts (comic sans and papyrus anyone?), logos that don't fit the brand (and vice versa), bad/cheap design, cheap products that don't deliver, tasteless formulaic music, bearded men clad in plaid who've never held an axe, weak coffee and that one bird that keeps dropping "bombs" on our vehicles.

Who we work with.

SAFETEK Logo Re-Design | Amplified Creative | AmplifiedDesign.ca
SAFETEK Logo Re-Design (Profire) | Amplified Creative | AmplifiedDesign.ca
Dad Club London Logo Design | Amplified Creative | AmplifiedDesign.ca
HALE Shower and Glass logo | Amplified Creative | AmplifiedDesign.ca