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  • It starts with an idea.

    A concept refined becomes real by design.

Who We Are

We are a small yet powerful “boutique” graphic design studio focused on helping clients build and grow their businesses and ventures by covering all facets of design from logos and branding, print advertisement design and concepts, marketing collateral and beautiful yet effective responsive web branding, presences (websites). As a smaller design outfit, we are able to provide highly competitive rates to our clients by eliminating the massive overhead costs of running a large office space full of staff with rental costs, operating costs etc. With Amplified, you are directly connected with a creative director, graphic designer and web developer all in one with a passion for great design.


It all starts with an idea, and we're full of ideas. We then take these ideas and refine them into concepts.


Once a concept is established, it is taken to pen & paper to sketch it out into branches of new ideas within the concept. We take the best of those branches into our Macs to refine into a final design.


A concept refined then becomes real by design. It's now tangible and ready for deployment. Delivery. Implementation. Beauty. Everybody wins.

What We Do

We provide highly competitive rates to our clients by eliminating the massive overhead costs. You will be directly connected with creative direction, design and web development for the services below.

Logo Design

Think of it like a tattoo on your forehead. It’s not something you want to rush nor is it something you want to cheap out on. You want it to reflect you, your story, your company, what you do and what it all stands for. THAT is where we start when designing a logo and brand.

Graphic Design

Every single piece of collateral you send out into the world must reflect the same values as your logo/brand. We amplify your brand by design via print and digital advertisements, product packaging, print collateral, signage, tradeshow materials, posters, etc.

Web Design

Every Amplified web project is built on a strategic plan to best suit your needs in a cost-effective way. Harnessing latest HTML/CSS practices, we create beautiful yet effective responsive websites and WordPress powered sites and template implementation.

Our Work

A collection of pieces we've done for our clients, for personal side projects and more.

Contact us

If you value good design and would like to see if we would be a great fit to work together on your next project, we invite you to send us an email. Although we keep our client list short to ensure we’re able to meet expectations and demand, we are currently looking for great new clients to work with. So contact us today and let’s start the conversation.

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